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Sunday, June 04, 2006


is when something is something it is not.
It is a kind of substitution, offering something of an inferior quality to the apparent reality which is apparently glorious.
I learned that on Islay when visiting my great-uncle Donald's farm, Rockside (this is to prove I have a connection with Islay) and they had a Visitor Centre, newly installed, with produce in the shop that was from Devon.
The shop could have been set in Cornwall and just happened to be in Islay but the idea of heritage was the same.
One is an essential tourist.
However, I have tricked you on this blog.
This picture gives an impression of heat.

It was freezing cold.
Ersatz again.


Joolz said...

your pictures are ludicrous.
Was it cold.

Kate said...

But it is important to maintain holiday pic standards and pretend.