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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Can be creative or something else.
In Isabel's statistics exam (today) they asked:
Why is a sample better than a census and her reply was that a census was more irritating and a sample is better as it is more random.
I think this is a very good reply and I hope the examiner likes it.
Also, yesterday I went to Topshop after a very exciting day in Rotherham and bought a dress, which, it has to be said, was too young for me (alas).
Luckily it was re-interpreted as being for Isabel.
Sometimes, mis-interpretation can go well, as in me being in China (see below), other times it can confuse the person.
We in Museum Studies love misinterpretation.
It disrupts the provenance of things, and makes them unsettled.
It takes away fixity.
One of my plans in this project is to ask the children to write the labels for this object.

What will they write?
PS if you have any time today, go here. It will cheer you up.If you are Dr Joolz, this is a compulsory task.
Isabel found it.


Mary Plain said...

Love the photos from the New York subway- a bit like Smoke, where Harvey Keitel takes the same picture each day from his shop at the same time.

Hilda said...

Did you see the article at the back of G2 yesterday on how two different numbers can actually be the same?

Joolz said...

I loved my homework link. Thank you for making this compulsory for me as it made me feel important and happy.

Kate said...

I am so glad.
I think you have worked v. hard this week.