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Monday, June 05, 2006

The World Cup

Reading Dr Rob's post as part of my intensive research for my module for this marvellous course ( I will finish it today Dr Joolz I promise) I found his observations on driving interesting.
As we drove back to London from Glasgow yesterday
(my narrative of migration for the day)
I observed how bad the drivers were.
The worst ones had England flags sticking out of them.
This led me to my scientific discovery.
There is a proven link between bad driving and football.
This also led to the following important statement.
This blog is a World Cup Free Zone for the next month.
Instead of anything about football we will have an alternative menu of excitement, with daily THEMES which will actively promote non sport watching.
Ideas please.
Tomorrow I thought we could start with handbags.


Joolz said...

That handbag picture is hysterical.

Kate said...

I could not believe it.
Note I did do handbags in next blog.
This is called Inter bloguality.

Mary Plain said...

that will teach me. I didn't follow the link yesterday.. great picture!