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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


is the subject of my post today.
And we think ofcourse of this project and hope their event went very well.
This is a wonderful site and well worth exploring.
I adore this site and think it is very stylish.
When I was 14 I longed for a pair of wedgy shoes.
My mother, ofcourse, thought I should wear Clarke's flats (she was so sensible and right).
In the end, I got them, from Sacha at Snob and they were marvellous, they had suede sides and a blue top.
More memories of Sacha shoes here.
Imagine what I felt when I learned that they were being re-marketed and they were over £100 to buy.
What a shame.
Platform shoes were also very in when I was a teenager and we all longed to have tartan trousers like the Bay City Rollers (the shame).
Now I mostly wear flats and I rather like my black ballet flats which go with everything.
But once in a while I break out.
As here.

I wonder if it is secretly to rebel against my mother?

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fashion said...

fantastic color shoes....I have never see this unique color on my timberland shoes...thanks for posting