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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Forward planning

I have just had a very good planning meeting with Dr Joolz and I feel very efficient about what will happen next (sometimes this is hard).
In this spirit I will urge you to now start PLANNING your Autumn wardrobe.
Here is Molly in her Autumn outfit.
It is big mistake to think it is summer and also soon the sales and therefore buy more gypsy skirts.
This is in fact absolutely wrong.
There is more on that crime here.
Instead you should be going to the shops in search of:
Trouser suits
Capacious heavy skirts with crinolines (I have just bought mine yippee)
Sailor jackets, heavy blue wool.
You can see here what I plan to wear in the Autumn.


Mary Plain said...

this bear is sadly not the right shape for crinolines.. you are very lucky, DrKate, as I am sure you will look very elegant. I read that bit about gipsy skirts too, v funny, especially the loose covers bit..

Joolz said...

I just read the gypsy skirt thing and OI think it is not very feminist. I have bought a number of very large gypsy skirts. I love them. I wear them with flip flops but not wide belts.

Kate said...

IOfcours eyou are right Dr Joolz.
I think gypsy skirts are very migratory actually and on that basis, you should wear them.