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Saturday, June 17, 2006


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was the subject of my two-day research seminar which was here.
It was on Language, Migration and the Re-theorization of Sociolinguistic Space.
You see, that, despite everything, I had to be there.
The Who are playing at the student union this Saturday which is exciting.
I heard Anna talk about from space to spatialization in border crossing narratives,
Stef and Jim do an amazingly interesting talk on from neighbourhoods to networks in their research on multilingual spaces, and Joan from Barcelona talk about Immigration in Catalonia: Marking territory through language.
I missed Ulrika on Madagascan music but I believe it was fantastic.
I love this stuff. We are all, in a sense, migrants.
Leeds is where I practically live, I might move there as I am also there on Monday for a workshop on this project, which is also about migration.
GNER is my new camel, and even Dr Joolz is able to track my movements, due to a serendipitous meeting on Thursday here.
I was there for this project but at least I could talk to David about blogging.


guy said...

Wow, you're so busy - that's so impressive!

Hilda said...

Luckt you being in Leeds when the Who are there.

Kate said...

I am a bit too busy that is my problem.