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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Language as material artefact

Tykes Motto
Originally uploaded by Schadenfreude!.
I have talked about language as an artefact of identity.
I have also talked about Rotherham but I have not talked about Barnsley.
I liked this motto image by Schadenfreude and I also thought it illustrated Jan Blommaert's concept of language as material artefact.
It is also for digigran as I thought she would like it.


Joolz said...

The moot is very cool and we wopuld all do well to abide by it. Strangely, I mentioned Schadenfreude too on my blog.

Digigran said...

Catching up slowly again. Still can't work out how you all manage to keep up the blogging. Any way up (as we say this far up North) that tyke's saying was reight good and one I was brought up on, being a Tyke- that is a denizen of Yorkshire. However as my Yorkshire space was ever confined to Sheffield, except for out yearly outings to Bridlington (luxury), other Yorkshire folk were apt to say we really lived in the Midlands and I guess if you look at a map and trace Yorkshire as far as Settle you can appreciate what they meant. Barnsley was though, always seen as heartland. Lovely to see you settling in up north though,Dr Kate, and familiarising yourself wi t' culture.