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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

men's fashion

is very difficult.
I have been warned off this topic by several men, but emboldened by Dr Rob and Dr Joolz I am boldly going where no woman has gone before etc etc.
There are various aspects to men's fashion I think are key:

1. On no account take any interest in either New York, Paris,
Milan or London Fashion weeks. It is all hopeless.

2. The person I know who dresses best is my hairdresser, Darren, from Fourth Floor.
He wears:
a) Brogues (good. I adore men in brogues)
b) very nice shirts. He only buys things he really likes.
He sometimes goes to Selfridges on a Sunday because it cheers him up.
c) Jeans which are nice and not too new or worn.
There you have it.

3. Other good looks are:
a) Boden man. This is not bad. Look here and here for some nice suits.
b) Cornish fisherman surfer/ jumper man. I bit passe but it can work.
c) Geography teacher man. This is I suspect Dr Rob's look but he must Not I repeat Not wear sandals. Ever.

4. Here are some things you must Never Ever do:
a). Wear Hawaian shirts. See Hadley Freeman here.
b) Sandals are a very bad look. See above
c) If you are balding SHAVE YOUR HEAD. You know it works. Remember Nick Hornby.

Apparently Betty Jackson's son shops here. He is obviously very well informed.
The other man I know who dresses well is James from Pollyanna who wears boiled wool coats in hot September but then he is a Slave to Fashion and like me.

There you have it.
Further questions ask Dr Kate.


damoon said...
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cityB said...

I'm not that keen on Boden but Pollyanna looks good. I like the Cornish/ surfer thing but I can't check whether I like the right type because the link goes somewhere strange.

litrate said...

DrKate, I hope you have seen the double page spread photo in the Guardian today p20-21 of William Brett from Calbourne, Isle of Wight, with his living room packed full of artefacts, a great photo,and I would welcome your comments on his attire. I am really getting into places stuffed with artefacts, and I hope you appreciated my shed photo.
I think the Isle of Wight is about to have a great cultural renaissance.

JP said...

How can a real bloke be cheered up shopping on a sunday for clothes (even in selfridges).

Bloke shopping involves either techy shops in tottenham court road or a quick get that work shirt as fast as possible and get out.

I hate clothes shopping

Joolz said...

Oh poor JP. He needs taking in hand. There's a job for asingle female in London ....

Mary Plain said...

this is both inspiring and depressing at the same time, Dr Kate. Such good advice- the inspiring bit- but The Motorcyclist is Man at Edinburgh Woollen Mill (the depressing bit). His idea of adventure is a nice new white shirt.. Going off now to look at litrate's shed photo!