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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Socially engaged art

Can be found here.
I really like this work, working across contestation and experience.
Anyway I am off here and here and meanwhile I am going to read this.


Digigran said...

Scene, Kate. You are the most well travelled Blogger in meatspace I know. Think I may be seeing you in my hometownspace this weekend.
Hope so.
Off to Blackburn tomorrow for Parallel Realities Exhibition. Wish you could come.

Joolz said...

That book looks excellent and oh the synchronicity am reading sth you would love and which links so well .. 'Photographs Objects Histories ... On the materiality of Images.' so good.

Kate said...

Dr Joolz, What is the name of the author of this marvellous book?
yes digigran will hit Barnsley on Friday.

Joolz said...

Edited by Elizabeth Edwards and Janice Hart. I am blogging it tonight .