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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the next generation of gaming

So the home consoles around now have been out for 5 years
as well as the hand-held consoles
but now the home consoles market is going to the next generation, so new consoles are being produced by the three major gaming companies:
Sony and
Microsoft has already released its next generation console The XBox 360 which
is a state of the art console with one of the latest technologies in graphics
and also has on-line gaming and also
it has a lots of other features like
dvd player
music player
internet browser
it has
web cam (state of the art)
able to download off the internet and
able to download old arcade games ...
in my next two posts I will explain the other two next generation consoles.
I expect you can't wait.


JP said...

Wow. Gadget central.

Xbox also has HDTV, next big thing for TVs.

How about this for cool user interface:

JP said...

Anyway had home consoles for way longer than 5 years - see atari on wikipedia - goes back to the 1970s!

Of course I meant xbox 360 has hdtv not the old xbox.

Joolz said...

I really like the look of the playstation handheld thingie and wish I knew how to play playstation games as then I would get one.
They are very sleek and cool looking.
Do you think handheld is easier or harder than the other sort?
What game would be easy to learn on?

Kate said...

I will ask Barney all these v. hard questions.

Kate said...

sorry jp i forgot to say the current home consoles have been around for 5 years now, and i also forgot to mention that the new xbox has a HDTV.

Kate said...

yeah the playstation portable does look cool but it isnt thew best handheld out there. A better one called the nintendo ds is out. it has a unique touch screen and a voice sensetive microphone which make the gameplay so much more fun. handhelds are a much easier option for gaming because you dont have to invest lots of money on online gaming fees, good tvs etc. there are many good games on the nintendo ds that are really good for new gamers.