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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Other people's ipods

are useless
(sorry I am still brooding on the lost ipod. I do hope Dr Rob finds it for me).
On my partner's ipod shuffle, nicely lent, are:
Paul Weller
Talking Heads
Bill Frisell
Latin American Stuff
Jazz stuff
Not my thing at all.
I realise how much of our lives consist of customizing our identity spaces, like blogs and clothes and ipods, and making them somewhat our own.
I have also just finished reading this book Stuart a Life Backwards - it is very very good and made me laugh it is also very sad, but there is a brilliant bit when the author is camping out, and pretending to be a homeless person, (just for 3 days) and he says that he begins to customize his little bit of pavement and make it his own.
He also writes about prison, and how that is one of the things that prison tries to take away.
But then Anita Wilson reminds us that prisoners customize things too.
I have long wanted to do a research project on how we customize our desktops and what we do with them.
But I also want to do a research project on the Argos catalogue and tracking its role in homes.
Tattoos are ofcourse the most amazing way of customizing.
I like this one.

my 1st tat--CU
Originally uploaded by dante25.

Go and see the huge number of tattoos on Flickr here.

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cityB said...

School and work sometimes try to stop you customizing things. Like making you wear uniform and having "de-clutter" days because a messy desk looks "unprofessional".