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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the dismal fate

of blogging is described here. He loathes bloggers and thinks they are hopelessly dull:

it renders the word even more evanescent than journalism; yoked, as bloggers are, to the unending cycle of news and the need to post four or five times a day, five days a week, 50 weeks of the year, blogging is the closest literary culture has come to instant obsolescence. No Modern Library edition of the great polemicists of the blogosphere to yellow on the shelf; nothing but a virtual tomb for a billion posts - a choric song of the word-weary bloggers, forlorn mariners forever posting on the slumberless seas of news.

This is good as it means I can drone on about my ipod and bore you.

Originally uploaded by John Randgaard.

You may remember my ipod - it occupied a liminal space as a contested artefact in our household and contained such diverse music as Babyshambles, Artic Monkeys and Eliza Carthy.
It was an inbetween artefact, colonized by both adults and children and as such it moved across the domains of practice, from me on the train to Sheffield to kids in the back of the car...
It lasted six glorious weeks, in which I became a smug apple-earphones wearing person who looked like everyone else and occupied the ipod therefore I am universe.
and now no longer.
it slipped out of the car on the way to Dorset (child who allowed this to happen will be nameless)
and is gone.
What do I do?
1. Insist that child pays me back and buy new one
2. Buy dodgy one on ebay
3. Allow silence into my life?
Advice please.
You see, blogging is utterly ephemeral.


Joolz said...

This is dreadful. Did you feel sick?
This is as bad as ... me losing approx 150 photos off my pc. Person whose fault it is will be nameless.

This is what to do.
Buy new one. You are TOTALLY VINDICATED in never letting people borrow it.

Some things are sacrosanct. Mums' i-pods being one example. Mums' laptops are the other.

(N.B. this applies to all mothers and all their i-pods and laptops so apostrophe IS in the right place.

Joolz said...

Oh God sorry did not answer question properly. Child pays ... then you are still paying in the end.
Buy expensive one from reputable company on the never never.
Or get research project to buy one on pretext of research and keeping photos on and doing podcasts etc etc.

Kate said...

This is v. useful advice Dr Joolz and also vindicates a conversation we had about the horrors of children borrowing adults' VIS (Very Important Stuff).
I think Jennifer is getting me one from the US.

Dr. Rob said...

I am intrigued to know just how an ipod, which is often in a pocket or attached to the body can actually 'slip out of a car' and can you give me an approximatly map location of where it slipped in Dorset as I desperatly need an ipod and can't afford one at the moment nor do I have a research project I can use to purloin one.

Kate said...

Right Dr Rob.
If you go to the HAPPY EATER at BARTON STACEY Service Station which is the 2nd on the A303 going WEST there should be one lying on the Garage forecourt.
Our new best Friend, Mr Bala will be there to assist.
it has the best music and you are the best person to have it.
It slipped out because the child in question is totally out to lunch and put it on the side seat nearest the door as he (oh yes, a male child) leapt for the door for a pee.

Trois TĂȘtes said...

Dr Kate: Unless the child responsible wiped the ipod before losing it an offece may have been committed I think a legal opinion should be sought.

And Dr Joolz: Yes it was I who wiped the photos. If Mums' laptops are to remain sacrosanct, maybe Mums' should not pirate Dads' software and then ask for free 24 hour support.

And TT: Stop now you are getting lounge fever!