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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

art and inscription

Michele is writing about art, and young people here.
She writes about FLickr and Manga and other phenomena in which young people inscribe their identities into digital stuff.
I am interested in this too, but I am also interested in intergenerational and long-term stuff as well.
For example, Zahir's stuff which I wrote about here draws on the visual affordances of the web but also on Islamic cultures and identities which are not so much about the 'new'.
I wrote a chapter in here about this, and I think, while Michele has pointed to something very interesting about the web, there are ways in which sedimented identities also re-surface in art.
I am interested in narratives of migration and ways in which young people both take on long-term narratives, shaped by parents and grandparents, and merge it with new stuff.
Like this.
Grafitti and Islamic art.
More of it here
and here.
and yes, even better, here in Blackburn - digital player is ahead of me.

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