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Monday, February 06, 2006

my great grandmother

my great grandmother
Inspired by Litrate, I am going to show you some family history.
This is a picture of my great grandmother, on my paternal side.
It was taken at the bottom of my street, in Green Lanes, in Stoke Newington, where I live.
Here is a picture of the place where she had this picture taken, as it looks today.

I love the fact that I live where my great grandmother, whose maiden name was Valerie Stalicka, and her son, my grandfather, lived.
They were from Poland and also Germany, and emigrated from Germany and lived in Stoke Newington around the turn of the last century.
This is my narrative of migration.


Joolz said...

flippin eck Kate. I am so jealous. I mean I don't want to dis my own Nanas (sic) but I wish I had some exotic rellies.

Kate said...

Is good.
But I don't come from Rotherham ('you're not from New York you're from Rotherham').
That would be better.

Joolz said...

I thought it was Rotterdam, or Rome. Or were you joking? You were, weren't you?

Kate said...

Dr Joolz you have to listen to the Arctic Monkeys. That is the key.

Digigran said...

Yes Arctic Monkeys are in with the whole of Sheffield and spread to South Yorkshire, especially Rotherham. I have this on authority from the Special Needs kids in my sister's school which is on the Sheffield/Rotherham boundary. Practically Meadowhall
Try listening to Mardy Bum, Jules - you'll pick up the dialect quickly that way. I do come almost from Rotherham, just the Sheffield side of the M1 and will try to scan my piccies of my grandmas for you all to see. Sadly, they both died young- at least I've escaped that fate .
Lovely stuff, Kate