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Monday, February 27, 2006

on-line gaming

is complicated.
A massively multiplayer on-line Role Playing Game can be found here.
An rpg is a role-playing game which is like
you make a character
you make their:~
they can be warriors and wizards and warlocks who kill people and stuff
you do and complete quests
there is a big world
as you fight baddies (and creatures)
you gain experience in your skills and level up so your character is higher rank
and then what a massively multiplier rpg is is an on-line version of this
there are people playing this at the same time as you
You can form big groups of people like guilds
and you can go out to the wilderness and to forests and mountains
and you can ride creatures and stuff
and you can fight people in a thing called pvp (which means player versus player)
and follow the story
and its really fun
because it feels like this big gaming world.
Because everything is always changing around you
so there is always new and exciting things to do.

(Barney digital player age 13)
Also, Thanks Andrew, for getting me to think about this all today.


JP said...

Wow more tech-head stuff. Is barney into massively multiplayer roleplaying games (MMORPGs)?

One of the biggest is World of Warcraft though never played it - meant to be mega. See:

Joolz said...

THis is really interesting and I like the way it is written like a great big long thought. It is a bit like an epic poem!!
What is a guild may I ask?

Kate said...

A guild is a big group or team of players who help eachother with things in the game like going on quests together, or the hav big battlers with other guilds of real players. They also hav a place called a guild hall where they gather to speak to eachother. I am in a guild in my game.

Kate said...

yeah i am into MMORPGs. i have recently purchased a game called guild wars and am really addicted to it. I have heard of ther game world of warcraft becaudse some of my friends play it. i do want to get it but i dont want to have to pay £9 a month for a game.