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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Scottish great grandmother

My Scottish Great Grandmother

Here she is. She lived in Edinburgh.
She was called Janet Hunter and she was the secretary in the Falkirk Iron Foundry.
Two men loved her (I will not divulge their names GOD it is SO romantic).
They were brothers but she could only marry one, my great grandfather.
My grandfather, her son, moved down from Peebleshire to Dorset, to farm.
He never lost his Scottish accent.
This is what I call an artefact of identity.


cityB said...

Was she happy with her choice? Did she go for the one she loved or the one who could toss the caber the furthest?

cityB said...

That sounds a bit rude what I wrote but I did not mean it to be.

Michele said...

How fascinating that she's smiling so broadly and happily in this photo--so very unusual for photographic portraits of the times. My great grandfather was Scottish and my grandmother's name was Mary MacGregor--which I try and say out loud as often as I can in conversations because it rolls so beautifully off my tongue. can names be artifacts, DrKate?

Kate said...

Hi Michele!
yes, according to Jan Blommaert language is an artifact and this is one of the things I am most interested in.
I looked at how one of the children I researched, Fatih, was called Kus, that is little bird, by his mother, this became an artifact.

Joolz said...

I think the caber is also an artefact and not one bit rude cityb.
Maybe she married the one with the most oats.
But that is all a bit stereotyping I supoooooose.
Hello Michele!! Mary Macgregor is a grand name for a grandmother. One of mine was called Camelia Beatrice Hoskins. Very nice too.
So DrKate, I think it is verty nice to have this theme. But what is DrRob going to wear??

Kate said...

That is coming in the next post Dr Joolz.
And it has Been Approved.
CityB I must ask my mum.
They were both verrry handsome you know and a both a dab hand with the caber.

Mary Plain said...

DrKate, I am intrigued by the way you have framed the photo with your great grandmother almost out of shot and lots of white space.. ??

Kate said...

THis is because I had to scan it in and I am not very good at scanning.

Mary Plain said...

You should not have owned up to that as I thought it was some deep statement!