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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spring fashion

In the manner of Dr Joolz. who did an advice post on minibreaks,
( I am queen of the minibreak)
here is my advice on the subject of Spring Fashion.
For more inspiration, go here and here.
Meanwhile, here are some Hot Tips:

1. You can only wear White, Black and Taupe. Nothing else.

2. Except dresses. These are good, especially SHIRT DRESSES.

3. You should throw out:
a) the jeans you have worn all winter which your tummy spills over due to the effect of re-toxing and puddings.
b) Your old skirt you think is a 'favourite'. It is not.
c) Over-washed cardigans. They are just TOO SMALL.

4. You should purchase:
a) Camisoles. See Dr Joolz. These are ESSENTIAL.
b) New jeans. See above. These should make you look THIN.
c). A nice skirt to replace the Old Favourite (Gap has a good one in Grey £35.00)

5. You should on no account purchase:
a) Leggings. How could we have worn them. Why?
b) Tulip skirts. A fat-feeling fashion theme.
c) Diane von Furstenburg type wrap dresses. Trust me. They will make you look fat although you are THIN.

6. You can never have too many:
a) rings
b) clogs
c) black opaque tights from Wolford.

7. The Rules (black white taupe etc) can be broken only if:
a) You wear a blue trench coat (this is allowed)
b) You have high heels (that is always good and we should try and wear them ALL THE TIME.)
c) You wear ruffles on your skirt (this does NOT mean gypsy skirts. Get a grip).

For more information go to London Fashion week, it is happenning on the 14th Feb and I will give you DAILY UPDATES.
You have been warned.
PS it is VERY IMPORTANT not to follow ANY fashion advice of ANY KIND.


Mary Plain said...

this is very helpful Dr Kate especially the last bit! thank you for guiding us so wisely.

Kate said...

I am glad you liked the last bit Mary Plain!
It was meant for all of us!

Digigran said...

Oh dear
So much good advice but it sounds very expensive. I suppose a shirt dress or two wouldn't be too hard to find. Are you absolutely certain about no leggings ? I rather liked them , though I suspect they made me look like Max Wall. Just keep posting the catalogues and I'm sure to find something I absolutely need.

Dr. Rob said...


Please can you send some of your emergency fashion advice for us men.

Are the tweed jackets with leather elbows, cord trousers and sandals (no socks) all a bit passe now?

Kate said...

Hi Dr Rob
Tweed jackets cord trousers are excellent being a retro, vinyl type approach to masculine dressing which is highly contemporary.
Sandals are out.
It has to be brogues.

Joolz said...

God. This is so so so so useful.
I like the Stella Mccartney stuff. And Ana Sui.
IT is all so pricey, our husbands are going to have to work longer hours. (DrRob, I am afraid that means you. And MrsDrRob needs to be led kindly to Kate's blog.)

May I thank DrKate on behalf of everyone who has lost their way fashionwise?

Kate said...

I am glad this blog has its uses.
You don't have to go to the expensive sites.
Try Gap.
I love Gap.
It follows ALL THE RULES.
The other really good place is Topshop and the top place is Zara.
Trust me.