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Sunday, February 19, 2006

the space inbetween

Steve has got me thinking about the space inbetween.
He is thinking about the space inbetween research and art, which for me is very interesting.
When is an artist an academic?
I said here that I thought artists were fast academics.
What does that leave academics - slow artists?
I guess so.
More space inbetweens:

Between a wave coming out and going in,
between children playing on a beach.

ALso, when I researched in homes, the space inbetween parents and children was always the most interesting space, and often, mess was where it was most visible, as this was the fuzzy space where children played and adults tidied up.
Also next weekend I am doing a session (originally I did this with Dr Joolz)
on literacy and spatiality and am thinking about space.
This book is really good and has the amazing concept that literacy practices produce space.
PS great to be back and thinking again!
PPS Dr Joolz is also thinking about the space inbetween and here she is writing of the people in her photo:

To take a moment in their lives, irrespective of the busy road above them and the canal (unseen) in front. They are mid transition; between the boundaries; liminal. But in a way I see them as subversive as they are turning the space into a new space and saying that it is NOT just scrap land, they will not ignore it, they will transform it.

Love it.


Joolz said...

wow amazing coincidence. see also here:

when I went to Berlin there were lots of inbetweeny things ...

Joolz said...

I have the book associated with this site:

you can borrow it if you want.

Kate said...

THis would be v. good Dr Joolz - however wait until you have time as you are v. busy with writing.

Digigran said...

Thought provoking images. Good to see kids playing safely near water too (See Vic's latest BLOG) The book you cite on spatiality is excruciatingly expensive- hope it's been ordered for the library.
After thought. My Blogging is always a bit in betweeny too. I snatch at times between emailing students and friends and doing the marking. I make new spaces to do it- currently in front of log fire in cottage while others scan Sunday papers.

Joolz said...

Yes I think blogging is very inbetweeny too Digigran.