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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Being a hippy

I have decided my essential look for San Francisco is to be a hippy.
To this end, I have purchased a pair of Skinny Jeans from Gap
a green floaty shirt, looked out my sunglasses
and a copy of American Beauty by the Grateful Dead.
I plan to wander round Haight Ashbury with my ipod, gray hair
straggling in the wind,
in a blissed out hippy space.
here is another great image for hippies everywhere.


guy said...

Ah yes, I'll have Amercian Beauty on my i-Pod...and may well have to break free and go down to Berkley, too.

cityB said...

And if you're going to San Fran-cisco,
be sure to wear
flowers in your hair.

Kate said...

I love that song.
Who is it by so I can download it from itunes?

cityB said...

Scott McKenzie. It sounds like you are going for the 21st century hippie look because I found this site but none of your suggestions are on there:

Joolz said...

Excellent solution Hippy Kate.
I think that is RIGHT.
Don't follow Guy about at the conference as he is a flaneur.
Am running off to check out CityB's site.

Kate said...

THis is v. useful.
But I think I would look absolutely wasted if I went too floaty.
Thanx for the song!

litrate said...

In another time's forgotton space,
Your eyes looked from your mother's face,
Wildflower seed on sand and stone,
May the four winds blow you home again.