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Friday, December 23, 2005

Blogs as art?

The question of whether blogs can be classified as art is very interesting.
Dr Joolz is very inspirational and some of her posts I think are art.
My favourite ever post of hers is February 4th 2005.
Go to it now and have a chuckle.
It is Dr Joolz at her best
but also I THINK IT IS ART.
I notice artists using blogs to describe or maybe advertise their work, or using the affordances of blogger to make new meanings as here.
There are also blogs about art.
But that is a different thing.
I think that while artists draw on the affordances of blogger to showcase their work, they are not doing blogging as art.
That is a different thing and is about the relationship between word, image, links and texts.
And here I think the Pourquoi? post wins hands down.

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Joolz said...

This sis such a nice post to me DrKate. Thank you. It i has made me remember how much longer I used to spend on putting posts together so carefully and how as time has gone on I have used my blog differently. It used to be quite journalistic, gathering things together in a topic and commenting. I still do that but now I think I am braver in that I write around my own activities and interests. This is easier as well as more risky to the self.