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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Links are very interesting.
To me, they are a metalanguage, a kind of counter-narrative to the post discourse.
(Yes I know this is over the top academic but it is Christmas).
Links are like metaphors in poems, they draw your attention out of the poem and into somewhere else.
I like the way Dr Joolz does her links - she writes this and this and we don't know what this is.
I think that is called deixis but we need the linguists for that.
ALso, I like doing what I call oxymoronic links.
Do you remember oxymorons at school (no they weren't what you think)
They are two opposites put together.
This is when I am writing about something, like sound, and my links are to silence.
I did that in the post yesterday.
Actually that is why I think I like links.
They subvert the post.
PS Can you work out the connections between the links in this post?


JP said...

Links can be like footnotes or references. Thats academic!

litrate said...

I love these links, one made me laugh out loud, two made me smile, one confused me and one made me think. And one made me start a blog so I can leave comments on yours. you are forgiven.

Mary Plain said...

I think you are right it is deixis- Margaret Meek has written a thing called Speaking of Shifters about deictic shifters (what is mine to me is yours to you, what is here to me is there to you..) But I cannot guess the link in your links even though there are some v good ones, especially cardboatcard!!

Joolz said...

The links are excellent.I LOVE the cardboatcard. So clever.
I remember seeing some of the links before but I do not think they have all been up before.
What are the links in the links?

Kate said...

I have encouraged a new blogger.
The answer is they are all my favourite sites.
There. You have it.