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Thursday, January 19, 2006

contested artefacts

I thought I would do a post on artefacts that occupy liminal or contested spaces.
They might also lie in a third space, between domains.
First off is my ipod.
I bought it in a fit of post-Christmas pique (no one gave me one alas) thus adding to my considerable overdraft.
Then I had to rely on my 13 year old to do itunes etc etc.
Next thing is, I get on the train and I discover that despite clear instructions I do not have Laura Cantrall and Lucinda Williams loaded on (or not much).
Instead I have Babyshambles, Anthony and the Johnsons and Gorillaz on this ipod.
It has moved into a different wholly alien domain.
This is v. annoying but also interesting.
Other contested artefacts in homes?
The Argos catalogue and the electric chapati maker.
Watch this space.


cityB said...

Kevin Leander looks like a nice wholesome man.

Kate said...

He looks like a Mormon.
Dr Joolz has pointed this out many times.

Joolz said...

OMG I forgot to say ... I met him.
He was SO NICE.
I spoke to him.
Aparently he has loads of kids so the Mormon thing is still possible I reckon.
he is very handsome.

Kate said...

OMG how can you meet a person who looks as if he is from Outer Space?