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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


are visual scavengers.
That is what the man in Jessops said he thought artists were.
I like this.
It gives the impression of artists working amongst visual stuff, taking what they need to transform new material.
I was also very grateful because the Jessops man found a new lead for my camera so I can once more snap and blog.
Here is the M1 again, my favourite road.

My view of artists?
I think they are fast academics.


guy said...

Let's hear it for the M1 and btw, if you're ever travelling up through Barnsley look out for the sensational Eric Bloodaxe graffiti on the bridge just before you go off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Northbound). I'd like to photograph it, but don't know how to get to it!

Joolz said...

You need an obliging passenger Guy.

I love that idea of scavengers. I really agree with it. Sometimes when I see something I think 'I'll have that!' and then get out my camera!

Kate said...

It also celebrates the nomadic and the ephemeral.
By the way I am typing this in the Rotherham library. So exciting.

guy said...

Now that's what I call exciting...or is it daring?

Kate said...

It felt daring at the time.

spodsheff said...

Photographers are visual scavengers. They steal bits of the world. I read somewhere that you can only photograph the outside of something - I think I want to be an artists so I can make things that are new- these used to be things and more recently seem to be becoming ideas. Steve

Kate said...

Wow Steve Thank you for commenting as I was kind of trying this idea out.
How do you know somethign is new?