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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fashion mistakes

I decided the blog was getting a little too academic so here is fashion mistakes inspired by my television viewing last night.
I wondered what would happen if Trinny and Susannah came to visit my wardrobe.
Obviously now, it is a tasteful mix of Prada and Lanvin with Gap and Brora cashmere for everyday (this is oviously not true, but I am taking on Anya's idea that your blog is a kind of ideal self so that is my ideal wordrobe.
Dr Joolz is also thinking about authenticity however from here on I am being authentic.)
Anyway then I fell to thinking about my fashion mistakes.
This became a rich minefield.
First off were the patterned leggings I used to live in.
Purchased in Mark 1 around the mid 1980's they lasted all through my child bearing years. Alas.
ALso, the lumberjack red check shirt I wore with them.
I wore with pride my pink Fiorrucci mini dress in the late 70's also my white Miss Selfridge gypsy dress and my granddad shirts over leggings (oh Yes).
But then I worried that actually there ARE things in my current wordrobe that Trinny and Susannah might object too.
What about the too short Gap skirt I bought when Dr Joolz was not loooking and am banned from wearing by my daughter?
The Red or Dead Platforms my husband thought were hideous?
Even worse are the Plein Sud bought-in-Sale five inch stiletto purple shiny high heels.
Why do we never learn?
I could go on.


JP said...

Would a useful addition to the Vogue style mag would be a bloke saying what he thinks of the latest fashion? Or would that spoil the escapism?

Joolz said...

OK I am going to find the photo of me in 1980s patterned leggings. So gross.

Mary Plain said...

I would love to see those purple high heels DrKate. I think you should wear them to the next seminar!

cityB said...

Could we have some photos of them please?

Kate said...

I will RUSH upstairs and take them.
What a good idea City B