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Thursday, December 01, 2005

soul food

Today it is rainy and cold and two of my children are ill at home with colds.
So I turn to this book to make them better.

First off is Banana bread.
I get the receipe

the butter,

the eggs

The bananas

and the sugar

the flour in the mixer

and the tin

and put them together to make this.
Cooking is like alchemy.

Tonight we will have chickenoodle soup.
When the weather is like this we have to hunker down and wait till it gets better.

(I love the word hunker. Kathleen Jamie uses it a lot in this book which I like alot).


JP said...

I feel hungry just looking at the pictures. Is saturday still on?

Kate said...

OOh yes we are looking forward to it (well Molly is)

JP said...


Hope the ill two feel better soon.

Joolz said...

Wow I love this. You are turning into a cookery blog. I love cookery blogs.
Are you a domestic goddess?

Brian Street sends his love btw.

Kate said...

I have stopped being a domestic goddess now and have turned into Bad tempered Burnt Out Person.
Send my love to Brian and I hope the Keynote went well.

JP said...

Dr kate's sunday tea chocolate brownies were pretty domestic goddess to me

Kate said...

Thanks Captain JP!
Must go back to work.