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Sunday, December 11, 2005

authentic objects

City B was keen to see pictures of my fashion mistakes so here they are.
(Good idea City B).
This also lends the blog further authenticity and realism.
Here are the shoes:

Here is the SKIRT (too short yes I agree:

and here, sadly is the new Agnes B grey beret which I bought on Thursday on route to Jan Blommaert
and by Friday Daughter 1 had claimed it as her own.
the reason?
it suited her better.
Sadly this is all too true as the grey only horribly brings out my own grey hair (referred to here) and emphasises my lack of Kirsten Scott Thomas cheek bones.
However, this all happened because I lost my favourite Toronto hat on the way to the Science museum - another lost item and want a replacement.
Where can I find one?
Answers to this blog please.


Simply Clare said...

I like the high heels. I used to wear a black mohair batwinged sweater with a shocking pink slash, black ribbed leggins (no final g please), white reebok aerobic boots and white slouch socks. I win.

Joolz said...

I like the skirt and don't think it is too short. I like the hat. Shoes I like; too high to walk far. Would wear flirtily round the house.

I wouldlike to see any of CityB's mistakes please.

Kate said...

These comments have utterly cheered me up after rather a hard day!
PS I got rid of the other platform boots though so you can't see those.

cityB said...

Thanks for showing me Dr Kate. I like all those things actually. Are you a bit of a Kirsten Scott Thoms fan?