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Friday, December 02, 2005

A manual for shop

This is even better. I really like it. I might set one up in Stoke Newington.
Bill Drummond has a good shop here.
Dr Joolz has excellent advice on shopping and I like the idea of having a free shop.
There are great shop clusters here on Flickr.
So today I am going shopping.
I am going to go here and here and will probably end up here.
I might even go here. That would be cool.


Mary Plain said...

One of the things I miss about living in Brighton is that we had a great branch of Borders. It was so good being able to go bookshopping in the evening. We have a nice Ottakars here and a new Waterstone's but it isn't quite the same.. Enjoy your shopping Dr Kate!

Kate said...

THank-you. And because of your blog I feel quite Christmassy!

JP said...

Thanks for lovely lunch dr kate!

Joolz said...

THis all looks like vey interesting shopping. Unfortunately did not have time to download the flash media software for one oof the shops so will cool backlater when I have more time.
I bought fairy lihghts today from Waitrose and will photograph later. Thay are real fairies.

Kate said...

GOsh thanks for commenting Dr Joolz. you must be so tired?
And this means you are back which is v.g.