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Friday, December 02, 2005

A manual for work

I love this. Go there now. They have manuals for everything. Their work has the aim of
questioning and transforming the practices of everyday existence.
The person who was most involved is described here and I cannot bear it when people I really like the sound of then are not around. But stay with the idea.
Another radical group who questioned the relationship between work and money is this group.
They burned one million pounds on the isle of Mull.
However, part of this post is to announce that I feel a little burnt out.
I have interviewed artists, started my AHRC grant, written my Encyclopaedia article on the Ecology of Literacy and transcribed and analysed 18 teacher interviews.
Maybe I need to call this guy up and have some soup or maybe, even better, I could go here and have a nice lie down.


JP said...

Burn out: the disease of the time-poor.

Solution: spend tomorrow morning in bed. And then sunday too!

And then on monday say no!

Mary Plain said...

A lie down sounds best. I have a really excellent new duvet and would like to spend longer enjoying it..

Scott said...

all that in one day? one week? this year? phew! I'll have a lie down too!

Joolz said...

Wow DrKate. You need a rest. But the main thing is, you are having a veruy interesting time.

Rachel said...

Actually those Red or Dead platforms were very stylish & your husband, although almost perfect is NOT qualified to comment.

Kate said...

OMGOD Rachel you have commented!!!!
I am so excited
Please come again
Kate x