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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fractal analysis

There is another word for this which Adrian gave me but I don't know it.
Anyway, it is like this.
You think of cauliflowers and

and you have it.
It is also what Susan Gal uses in her work on Eastern Europe and I am using it with my work with Heads Together.Also the Ecology metaphor from this wonderful book which I re-read every so often to cheer me up.


JP said...

Fractals? Internet of things?

What will Dr kate bring us next?

Kate said...

I know it is all very exciting. The Science Museum was very exciting but the Shop was even better for kids' stocking fillers....

Mary Plain said...

Dr Kate, I need to know the word that will make cauliflower interesting, please?!

Kate said...

It begins with an f or a ph and is a term from maths and Katy from Heads has lots of examples of children drawing it but I can't spell it so I can't put it up.
I will try and get them to do this for me!

Joolz said...

oooh I want to know the word.
JP seems nice. Have decided he is sailing techie brother.

Kate said...

10 out of 10 Dr Joolz.
You need a pirze.