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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Why blog?

This is the ultimate question and the heart of the blogging debate.
You could argue that blogs are an extension of our showy-offy celebrity obsessed culture of narcissism (this is depressing I think).
Or you could say that they celebrated new literacies and were a way of exploring the affordances of the web and wierd and wonderful sites like this one.
(Thanks Dr Joolz)
Here are my reasons for blogging:
1. You become a member of a community of practice.
2. You get to learn new stuff about digital literacies and you get to learn new words like transliteracies.
3. It is a space for people you work with to find out about you and what you think.
4. It is an inbetween space - incorporating work and home.
5. It offers visual, verbal and auditory affordances to create new decorative spaces.
6. You get to meet new people and they become your friends.
7. It is fun.
Plus, even better, I can show you what Dr Joolz got me for Christmas.


Happy Christmas everyone!


JP said...

Happy Christmas Dr Kate! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

You've probably seen this:,16376,1671948,00.html

JP said...

Another reason to blog:
8) Good practice in writing skills

(or was that covered by No.5 but then I'm one who thinks that space is what exists > 100 km over our heads!)

Kate said...

OOH yes am looking forward to a tcky xmas with you Captain JP!

Kate said...

I meant Tecky Christmas
sorry writing skills are awol after too much chocolate.

guy said...

....another reason, you get to write with links! Seasons greetings and HNY.