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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Being a tourist

Today we went to this exhibition and were tourists for the day.
It was a brilliant exhibition.
I loved the work of Marine Hugonnier and her film Ariana, about the impossibility of shooting a film in Afghanistan.
I also bought souvenirs of my visit.
I was able to buy Dr Joolz a present in the museum shop and some nice postcards.

I went home and thought about the difference between the spaces of the art gallery
and internet spaces.
It is great to go on-line and explore the world.
First off is this site, where artists use the affordances of the web and its on-line spaces to display their work on everyday life and artefacts.
When I feel bored I also go to Tony Kemplen's site and find out about his charity shop souvenir objects and what they sound like when they turn into words.

However, on the internet there is not the sense of tiredness and walking and exploring.
At times, in the exhibition, we got lost, and had to find ourselves walking as if blindfold out of darkened rooms.
Like the film maker who could not film, we could not see.
But we came back with a fresh pair of eyes.

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