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Monday, December 05, 2005

snails trails and spirals

Today I am inspired by spirals.
Flickr has a great spirals tag page here.
Nautilus has some beautiful spirals, in particular. I like the ropes and graffiti.
So snail like, I trailed around the internet and came up with this lovely picture:

I hope it gets you thinking this Monday morning.


Mary Plain said...

Well, no, because it is now Monday evening- but it would have done if I had seen it earlier! great picture. Thanks.

Joolz said...

For me, tis Tuesday. And I like the spiral idea. You think of interesting tags tolook upon Flickr. I am going t try and be fascinating too - but think I may not manage as feel a bit dough like in my head.

Digigran said...

Entrancing, Kate

You never fail to offer us spaces to dream in.
Blogging onto you is always a special treat and your wanderings in cyberspae always so unpredictable.
Thank you for cheering me up, on what was a diffiult day.

Kate said...

Thank you my commenters
There is lots to come!