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Saturday, December 10, 2005

What a drag it is getting old

What a drag it is getting old
Kids are different today

Telling me.
Today, my friends, we have to go out and get Daughter 1 a vinyl player for Christmas.
So she can play the Rolling Stones and Patti Smith.
She also wants a non digital camera for her birthday.
It is all getting very retro.
When I took out my old fashioned Sony Professional to tape Steve the other day, he took out his Apple PowerBook and digitally recorded the interview.
I felt very small.
However, Steve said that musuem curators liked what I was doing, as at least there was a material artefact (the tape) associated with the event.
He just had some trace on his hard disk.
Likewise, daughter wants vinyl because of the materiality of it, the record sleeves the retro shops (more shopping!!! bliss) the sheer materiality.
Same with vintage shopping. Taken over Top Shop.
More things to buy!
But it still sends shivers down my spine when I hear Mother's Little Helper which I last heard in a dope-infested hippy carpet squat in Canterbury in the mid 1970's.


Joolz said...

Ha ha lovely!! I love the record player; my sis ter had one of thiose but I never did. I secretly used it when she went to college though.(Don't tell.)
I love the Top Shop clothes.

marianne said...

There is nothing worse than technophilia and sacrifice of content for latest version of software or digi-chip -- all 'fur coat and no knickers' as my friend wisely says! So daughter seem wise (??) and cool listening to Patti Smith(!!) I want a powerbook but am simultaneous -- as the curators might be -- envious of your heavy duty tape-recorder and power microphone! It's all in what the do - not in what they are ... no?