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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Sound is very hard, as due to some major problem probably created by my son's computer gaming, we don't have sound on our computer.
This is a constraint.
But I can believe there is interesting sound in movies, music and stuff like that.
I am also interested in everyday sound, and that is where blogging is interesting, bringing unusual sounds together.
Is there a site like Flickr, where we can hear other people's sounds?
What about the interface between sound and art like this exhibition of metronomes?
And everyday sounds and music?
I want to know more.


JP said...

I'm sure B. has done all he can to get the sound working! Maybe time for new pc?

Joolz said...

My work pc has no sound and it is VERY annoying.
I know what happens with games and pcs and sound.
It used to happen when Miles used my pc for games. Some of them have funny settings and switch the sound off. You have to go into control panel and sounds and audio devices, and flick it all back on again. You have to select either 'audio' or 'hardware' and select the right device again. Honest.

Kate said...

Barney is planning to do this for me for Christmas AND do wireless.
Bring on Captain JP!

Mary Plain said...

I would really like to have sound on my blog in the same way as we can insert pictures.
And although I do have sound on my work PC it is v poor quality. I keep meaning to get some speakers so I can do what I do at home and enjoy listening to stuff while I work.