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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

so exciting

starting my new research project.
Yesterday we met Zahir who has a wonderful website here.
And here is our project, listed alongside twenty others.
That's all I have got time for today.
For now on the blog will be conducted between Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield and occasionally I will surface in London and post.
Watch this space!
PS here is another Rotherham blog which will give a totally different but also interesting image of the town.


Joolz said...

This looks like a very interesting project Drkate and I am envious of tis. Art, artefcats and visual entities. Great.
As far as the blog is concerned ... someone I used to teach is in Rotherham united ... woo hoo.
he was always a 'lovely lad', clever, handsome fit and well mannered. His Mum and Dad were really sweet too. He had a romance while at school. I notice from one of the links on the blog, he has no yellow or red cards ever.

Kate said...

You are so so lucky Dr Joolz.
I am going to have to switch my football allegiance from Sheffield Wednesday to ROtherham United and that will be v. exciting.