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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four things meme

Yes! I have risen to the challenge.
I am very excited about this as it is my first ever meme and Dr Joolz has kindly let me do it after Anya, the queen of memes (that rhymes and it is only 8.30 in the morning and 2 kids are still sick.)
4 places I have lived:

4 Fave Movies
Love and Work (Goddard)
Hannah and Her Sisters
Brokeback Mountain
My Private idaho

4 favourite items of clothing
shirt dress Zara (£19.00 bought in sale)
shoes Pollyanna (no price information available)
Jacket Pollyanna by Paul Harnden
my bustle skirt

4 fashion mistakes
my purple shoes
my too short skirt
Gap brown crochet shrug (not pictured)
Boden twin set in brown (ditto)

4 favourite albums
When the Rose Bloom Again Laura Cantrall
Soul Journey Gillian Welch
Essence Lucinda WIlliams
Rough Music Eliza Carthy

4 favourite train rides
London to Sheffield
Sheffield to Rotherham
Glasgow to Mallaig
London to Paris

4 favourite restaurants
Thyme cafe Sheffield
Mangal Arcola St Dalston
Belle Epoque Stoke Newington
Moro Islington

4 jobs I have had
till operator University of Kent
lingerie sales woman at Harrods
j'etait standardist a Paris (answering the telephone)
literacy tutor at Holloway Prison

4 favourite shops (god I am shallow)
John Lewis Sheffield
Fenwick Canterbury
Pollyanna Barnsley
Diverse Islington

4 favourite academic books

Gunther Kress Before Writing
Gregory Bateson Steps to an ecology of Mind
James Gee What Video Games have to teach us about language and literacy
Mary Douglas Purity and Danger

4 favourite books
A Long Way to Verona
The Wonder Spot
The Pursuit of Love
Cold Comfort Farm

4 favourite smells
My daughter's current perfume (Prada?)
Cooking banana bread
sea side
hot roses in summer

That's it. I'm done.
Now I am going to do A2 (Preparing materials for lectures)
I will mark this as B1 support for research as obviously it was very important and came before everything.
Thank-you Dr Joolz!


JP said...

You've probably seen this but Lisa Jardine is talking about museums on bbc 4 tonight

Kate said...

Alas we have 6th form visits.

Anya said...

I am the Queen of memes??

Kate said...

Why don't you try it for one day!
By the way I hear it is 43 degrees in Australia is that true?

Anya said...

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh *disgruntled unhappy sigh* it has been total extreme heat here for the past 4 weeks and I've barely had any sleep because my tiny basement is like a sauna and I haaaaaaate it.

*grin* Glad you asked now? hehe