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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Allan Luke

talked about nodal moments when you can open up the space of discourse.
He said we need to move beyond Critical Discourse Analysis to creating our own productive pedagogies.
Guy was there and Sarah and
lots of other people.
Like Dr Joolz I have been looking at discourse in spaces and places
and trying to understand meanings in contexts.

so there are sites of resistence in the US.


Joolz said...

Critical approaches can be a bit scary I think as you do have to behave a bit as if people who produce the d/Discourses/texts under scrutiny are ignoramouses and you have to point out to everyone where all their prejudices lie. That is an aspect I don't like much.
So what is a nodal moment?

Kate said...

I think it i to do with Foucault but I m not sure.
A possibility of different action?