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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fieldnotes Chapter 2 in Ruffield

Kevin lifted a Rosemary Burger
(home made, with fries in an authentic looking tin jug) to his lips.
"San Paradiso eh?... sounds good".
"It would only be for one year" urged Karen. "And it would be so good for my Esteem Indicators not to mention the RAE".
Kevin took his PDA out and tapped it thoughtfully.
Kevin was ready for a change.
Kevin had risen on the backs of the collapsed coal industry of South Yorkshire, he had emerged sharp suited and with a keen eye to Europe to found the Quality in Enterprise with Education and Regeneration (QUEER) project, which soaked up money from SRB 5, Objectives 1 2 and 3 of the European Union Enterprise and Industry grant programme not to mention CEDTOP and SILY,
initiatives requiring on-line e-learning, virtual mobility and set to produce keen call-centre workers who were to be the result of these wonderful initatives.
Fuelled by the new Right Here! Right Now! basic skills initiative in Yorkshire,
Kevin found himself the Favoured One in New Labour meetings, all sharp suits, Blackberry's and endless talk of re-skilling and up-skilling.
Kevin's workplace, pictured here,

was on the banks of the River Rother.
However, recently Kevin had been growing bored.
He looked across the Atlantic and saw even more call centres.
More funding methodologies.
He saw a real regeneration opportunity in Hurricane Katrina.
He longed to stride into a new scene of devastation and offer his mix of basic skills, call centres and be-suited PDA-equipped saviour-type men.
He might even be able to wear his cowboy hat and boots.
"You're on" he said, taking another bite of his burger.
Karen gulped.
"I thought, Kevin, I would do this on my own." she quavered.
There was a stunned silence.


Joolz said...

Kevin seems ruthlessly career oriented.

Kate said...

He has some very good qualities.