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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

feminist blogs

Tearing myself from the daily ritual that is packing and unpacking my suitcase and worrying if I have followed Dr Joolz' mini break rules, I am considering the feminist blog phenomenon.
Bitch Phd is a very good one and fits with all the other transgressive ones like the well-known CityB.
This one is even more far out and makes me want to RUSH to America on a plane tomorrow (which I am doing so that is good).
And here is a completely American Feminist blog.
Nearer to home, this blog is still reeling from all the media attention the Guardian article started.
But my favourite is this one, which is both tecky, feminist and post-modern.
Yes!! we are all Gendergeeks!


Joolz said...

I love this post as it is so invigorating and gives me something new to think about. I like angryblackbitch best.
Did you read her post on her autistic brother? Really moving.

Kate said...

Wow yes it is amazing.
I love this woman.

cityB said...

In the Guardian article Nina Wakeford says of these so called feminist blogs "I think the way blogs can provoke debate is useful... but it isn't clear how much they feed into activism."
I'm sure she would see very clearly if she read yours and Dr Joolz's blogs how one is propelled into a fury of activity after reading them. This mostly involves shopping and some blog-hopping, so to her final question which is "Just who are they representing?" I would answer: the style mistress (with a relatively long lunch break).

Kate said...

THis is v. g. CityB.
Exactly what I hoped as a result of my blog.
(OMG the American Dollar is SO LOW).

cityB said...

Have a GREAT time in SanFran DR K- and bring us back some groovy style tips!