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Sunday, April 09, 2006

complex artifacts

enable boundary crossing.
They can be tecky sorts of stuff and can enable new kinds of boundary crossing
for example, we heard about Orlando, who used digital technology as a way back into education, through an after school club.
More about that here.
Michael Cole was the Chair and the session was framed with the activity theory lens, whereby objects and especially artifacts generated the boundary crossings.
The other session I went to was about spatiality and classrooms and ways in which you can customise classrooms so they becomeorlike homes.
This was obvious to me, and Courtney Cazden stood up and said, well this is what I learned in teacher training in the 1940's.
She also talked about identity and structure of feeling.
Back to Raymond Williams!
Joanne Larson, Kevin Leander and others today.
Guy has my camera cable so no new pictures but this is where I am:


Joolz said...

Gosh. Was there a stunned silence when CC said that thing?
Mind you just cos something was said 40 years ago does not mean that people heard and responded to an idea. So long as it is not presented as if new I suppose.

Kate said...

I was stunned.
It was a big moment for me.