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Thursday, April 06, 2006

hello and welcome

to your new Virtual Leanring Environment (VLE NOT VPL CONCENTRATE now)
brought to you uniquely from the Hotel Griffon, San Francisco, California.
From this hotel you too will be able to experience the magic of AERA.
You can even do a course.
All you have to do is to look up every day the AERA programme here, and then you must PREDICT:
a) What sessions I will go to and
b) What clothes I will wear.
it is easy. You go here for the programme and here for the clothes.
However, you will be MARKED DOWN if you either
a) Deliver late (50% off) or
b) Do not network enough and therefore do a session which is NOT USEFUL.
Later on if you get good, you can do stuff on menus and shopping.
But not for now.
After a 10 hour flight that is enough.
new course venue:

neat eh?


cityB said...

a)Are you at 5.010/ Conceptualizing / Doing Transformative Black Education Research Globally.... ?
b) Blue bustle skirt (hopefully made it back from the dry cleaners in time) and pink top?
Or maybe you went shopping to get something to go with the red roses top.

Kate said...

You get top marks Cityb.
You can now MOVE on to module 2.

Joolz said...

Loving your new style blog drkate oh maestro! Keep your eye out for stye gurus and snap them up for your blog.

Kate said...

THank you for noticing Dr Joolz.
It was about CUSTOMIZING the VLE for student user-friendliness.
I think we should be our students to do the same on their blogs.
It can be task one on the multimodality module.