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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Packing for Ruffield Fieldnotes Chapter 3

Artemis's room was a tip.
Shirts, skirts and make-up were strewn all over the floor and right in the middle stood an enormous suitcase.
At first, the plan was to take a capsule wardrobe, on the plane, and have the rest shipped over, but now she couldn't decided which capsule wardrobe to take.
Should she do Hippy Chic and take her favourite Co-existence T shirt with its peace and love logo made by digital artists from Los Angeles
and stun the Ruffield academics with the strength of her anti-Bush sentiments?
Or should she go all board room and Anne Klein and draw on her many years of Union Square shopping to get her through staff meetings and intimidate her male colleagues?
She also had a few rogue pieces (one pictured here)

that she would draw on if necessary, which she hoped would give a European Edge to her wardrobe (Artemis last visited Europe on an Italian exchange in 1979).
Thoughtfully she lined up her Laura Mercier lip glosses and placed beside them a bottle of her favourite perfume (L'Instant by Guerlain).
At least she wouldn't run out of Make Up she thought.


Joolz said...

The line in caps TO BE CONTINUED contributes greatly to the accumulating sense of madness.

Digigran said...

OMG How do you know all this stuff, Dr Kate? It is so impressive and I thought I was being fashionable shopping on Ecclesall Road South and buying an Italian linen skirt with a pointy hem. How sad is that?
By the way, can you make a link to that capsule thing so I can check it out? Now V eager for next instalment. This is how it must have been to read The Old Curiosity Shop as it was produced chapter by chapter- but so much quicker and fancy being able to communicate directly with the writer.
Have you checked out Dr Rob's stuff recently? his job looks worth including at some stage, if not the man himself.