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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have decided I am going to write a novel

It will be called Fieldnotes and will naturally involve:
1. A University town not dissimilar to this university but called Ruffield to invoke the immortal Rummidge in this book which is ofcourse the original on which my pale imitation will be based.
2. The central character will ofcourse be a female academic who changes places with another female academic in an institution not dissimilar to this university but called San Paradiso University.
3. Key events in the book will involve air travel,

conferences and shopping, combined with an amazingly exciting plot.

4. Much of the humour will involve the above.

However I need help.
First all of all, what happens in the book?
Who is my main character?
And where is my six figure advance?
(this is a desperate plan to cover my appalling overdraft after returning from San Francisco).


Digigran said...

Perhaps they should hold opposing views on the value of new technology in education and student/tutor sexual relationships or both and get involved in university politics and get trashed by the media re relationships or views or both and meet some very aggressive opinions from over inflated male super- profs- ah and yes, they should swap children with disastrous results. I like Ali Smith's Accidental for style (stream of consciousness multiplied) and Zadie Smith's On Beauty for content re deconstruction and art and student/tutor relations. Does this help?
Write it now! I will of course read it but perhaps not buy it.
Much love Digigran

Kate said...

Excellent this all helps Digran ENROMOUSLY.
Maybe we should co-author it?
i think part of the novel should include an awareness session in San Paradiso in which the central character becomes aware of the terrible nature of men and academia etc etc.
By the way YOU WERE MISSED in San Francisco too. x

Joolz said...

I very much want to read the novel and would prefer to be surprised. When you are a novelist will you also be a community artist and museum thingy?

The six figure sum sound sexcellent. GHost has excellent things at the moment.