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Monday, April 10, 2006

Kevin Leander

plotted our days on a space time continuum chart.
He showed a woman (possibly me) starting out at home, then going on the internet
to shop, then going to her office, then going to the real shop where she
looked on the internet to shop and then doing something else.
It was a three D diagram with space on one side, along the bottom, and time up the top.
All the time there was this fuzzy 'sea-weed' like line which was her thinking of
other things while doing one thing.
This is how I am - which is always thinking of something (should I buy that skirt)
while looking attentive.
He also did a hilarious diagram of people's emails and how people email their colleague in the next office and also in Australia
(which is very far).
But it was very interesting and space and time are very important.
Joanne Larson talked of heterotopias and children engaging with other children in virtual learning environments, and I went up afterwards and said Dr Joolz was the expert on this.
After the spatiality session I went here which was hugely wonderful and cheered me up about America which is shockingly full of homeless people living in dire poverty on the streets.


guy said...

OK Kate, I'll be posting old pics from my photostream and you can be the on-the-spot reporter. Thanks for the cable, anyway.

Joolz said...

It is nice to see you two sharing so nicely. Maybe the other children will learn something from you.

Kate said...

We are very good.
BUt I don't pay attention and Guy does.

Scott said...

hey ... australia, well yeah OK it's kind of far ... the tyranny of distance