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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today I thought about

listening, as well as doing a lot of it.
Kathy Shultz talked about uncovering modes of listening and an embodied mode of listening in her work in Banda Aceh working with teachers after the Tsunami.
Stanton Wortham talked about listening for identity, how we draw on tacti knowledge when listening.
Listening is within practices.
Betsy Rymes and Stanton talked about the word 'that' and how when you use 'that' it shows you have been listening.
(like: I liked all that you just said).
I wondered about the relationship between listening and learning and asked that question (which was brave).
Lots of reflection.
Then we had the two big moments.
You will recall I described here how I was prevented from seeing Elizabeth Moje and Luis Moll at AERA last time I was there by Jennifer, who insisted on us buying tights.
This time, I was in the front row at both events.
You can read more about Elizabeth Moje's project here but it was utterly amazing
with huge data sets and longitudinal analysis.
Luis Moll was stunning.
I can't describe it all, but I have met this new wonderful person who is setting up an inter-agency collaborative project based on funds of knowledge which is based on the idea of learning for collaboration.
Here is Jennifer looking very nice.
I have forgiven her now.


Anya said...

I am loving all your updates - what an exciting conference! When do we see your outfits actually on you? :)

Joolz said...

Good point Anya.. we need to see you in situ Drk with your OUTFITS.

Jennifer looks divine as usual with shoes that match her jacket, no less.

JP said...

Its a boy!

Kate said...

Gosh thanks for that amazing update Captain JP - is it called Silus?
and Anya and Dr Joolz I am going to get Jennifer to take a picture of me
as it is my paper today and I promise you will see my outfits. xx