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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I forgot to show you because I was so jet lagged yesterday the MENU for my meal here.
I had a lovely salad and the view from my table was wonderful.
Welcome to San Francisco!


cityB said...

Where are the people with flowers in their hair?

Kate said...

Hello Mum!
hope you are ok, SanFrancisco looks AMAZING, told you you'd eat loads of hippy food, much love I.B.M xxx

p.s Dad says, when is Ocado coming?

Kate said...

Hi Isabel!
I have ALREADY got your present it comes from this super cool shop in Grant street where all the vintage shops are and I knew it was the right shop because the shop assistant was wearing skinny jeans which NOBODY knows about in San Francisco.
She has a pair of Sass and BIde jeans too.
She thinks you will like what I bought which came from LA.
Ocado comes after Easter.

Joolz said...

oooh who is Ocado?

Kate said...

Waitrose. It comes to the door.
Martin needs food I guess.

Joolz said...

bless him.