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Saturday, April 08, 2006

last night

we went out for dinner with Guy and Jackie and Donna and Sue.
It was very nice.
Here is Jackie looking wonderful...

and here is Jennifer and Guy!

Today I am going to a session called 'Beyond School' whiich sounds hopeful, a session on artifacts with Michael Cole and a session on hybridity, third space theory and Homi Bhaba with Kris Guiterrez.
Being a material culture sort of girl, I was fazed at first by this conference's insistence on school and education, but like Allan Luke I have found my nodal moments and the gaps in the discourse.


guy said...

Did I give my permission? I SURE DID!

Scott said...

is that the 'new' booook? Author readings over dinner??

Joolz said...

Jackie is an angel radiating goddess light. Did she find a nodal moment I wonder?
(my jealousy is showing through via my smartarse comments.)

Kate said...

You went to Miami and shone.

Joolz said...

Oh yes. I forgot.