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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Travel Notes

from the New Literacy Studies: the symposium
went very well.
Here is me presenting (taken by Guy)
Guy was brilliant and we all mourned Dr Joolz and she was much missed.
Jackie is moving to San Francisco permanently she likes it so much!
Michele and Colin stunned us with their blogging paper and
I said the best thing I have ever said on blogging which was:
You are only as good as your last post.
Guy and I argued about affinity spaces
(I think blogging is an affinity spce
and he thinks it isn't) and here is me drinking coffee.

Oh and in the morning I learned about
geo-ethnography that is, spatial ethnography which provides theoretical and
practical tools connecting the study of place with visual and lyrical representations of the socio-cultural.
Isn't that neat (see I can talk American).
I also heard about how you can't hide an ethnographic site when it is the public high schools of New Orleans.
I learned to develop multiple lenses and to listen to the voices of the community
and finally, I get to do an auto-ethnography.
Here it is!
This is it!
Hurrah for blogging.


Joolz said...

bet you were damn brilliant.

Kate said...

I think I was too English and shabby Chic.

Joolz said...

Shabby Chic is alliterative.

Kate said...

You have gone elsewhere which is v. hard.
I have a brilliant present for you.