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Sunday, November 20, 2005

blog surfing

Today I went blog surfing.
Here are some blogs I like...
this one is great - packed with ideas and quirky thoughts.
We love it.
I might link her.
She has a link to Banksy, who is one of Dr Joolz' favourites.

This one has an intriguing occupation - but he is not David Buckingham I have concluded. He has only just started.
One of the interesting things to find out about is what words bring up interesting blogs.
I like the lot under procrastination although they are very young I think.
Small items has a small but select group, as does new literacies.
Some words are more easily transportable and global, such as art.
Thank-you to Ilana for this site which I will revisit.
You never know where you are going to end up when you go blog surfing.


or here:


Kopaylopa said...

Thanks for the attention, glad you found things of interest. Feel free to drop by any time! :)

JP said...

Banksy is great - loved the installation on the horrid wall israel built.

Hello to kopaylopa whos been visiting my bit of London.

And some lovely sea pictures!