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Sunday, November 27, 2005

identity and culture II

Yesterday we went to see this film with nine eight year olds.
Some of them loved it, and they started dancing in the aisles of the cinema as they watched Indigo group from the Public High School in Lower Manhatten storm to the ballroom dancing finals
(I won't spoilt the ending for you).
I loved it. I loved it for its wonderful street scenes of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Lower Manhatten, which reminded me of some of Dr Joolz' New York photos.
Also I loved the celebration of the children and their cultural spaces. This reminded me of the wonderful work of Luis Moll and Funds of Knowledge, and also Ana Celia Zentella who I met in Barcelona when I was there and she has just published this book, which I intend to buy, celebrating Hispanic culture in the US.
It made me also feel positive about the United States, something I very rarely do, because of the energy and enthusiasm and the passion of the New York ballroom dancing teachers and the amazing dancing of the children.
This post is about the US because absolutely everyone I know is there right now in Miami.
I hope they have a lovely time networking without me.


Joolz said...

It sounds fantastic taking those kids to the film. I would have loved to see them dancing ... what sweetie pies.

That Moll article looks really interesting and I will come back and read it when I have more time.

I am going to Miami in the early hours of the morning.

Kate said...

You lucky thing.
Have a great time x

Anya said...

Rest assured DrKate, we'll be networking with you in spirit! :>

Kate said...

Thanks Anya!! Hope the jet lag is better :)